Robinson Bradshaw

Jurisdiction: Sixth Circuit

A Class Action Sleeper Issue Might Be Waking Up

The Sixth Circuit appears poised to become the fourth federal court of appeals to reject the use of the “juridical link” doctrine as a means to establish Article III standing in a class action. The doctrine, a seldom-used class action legal concept, recognizes an exception to the ordinary Article III standing requirements in instances in […]

Sidestepping the Statute of Limitations in Title IX Class Actions and Mass Tort Actions

In Snyder-Hill v. Ohio State Univ., the Sixth Circuit, in a 2-to-1 decision, resurrected Title IX claims by more than 100 alleged victims who asserted that they were abused decades ago by a former Ohio State athletic department physician. The issue before the court was whether the district court correctly applied the statute of limitations […]